Trivent Legal is a forerunner in providing Medical Legal Services.

We’ve leveraged our experience and dynamic workflow to efficiently meet your needs, big or small. Our highly educated team of doctors, lawyers, and legal nurses deliver the highest quality work product. We specialize in customizing our chronologies and demand letters to your needs.

Our Mission

  • We constantly strive to strengthen and improve the positive impact we have on our employees and our customers.
  • We continuously strive to innovate new and more effective ways to serve our customer even better.
  • To provide a flexible platform on our services for any customers across the globe.

Our Vision

  • To be a global leader in providing timely, cost-effective services to our clients through an innovative and customized services.

Our Values

  • Customer focus

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Teamwork and Co-ordination

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Integrity

• Trivent Legal has been an industry leader in this field for 15 years.
• Our home offices are in Allentown, PA with Customer Support, Sales, and Quality Assurance Staff.
• The team of Doctors and Nurses are located in Chennai, India.
• We review an average of 1500+ cases a month, focusing primarily on Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, and Mass Tort Services.

Our medical experts perform the following: create medical chronologies based on your client’s medical records, provide medical opinions for medical malpractice cases, draft effective settlement demand letters tailored to your needs, and perform other medical-legal tasks as needed for your practice. Our MDs provide astounding medical opinions and have been involved in guiding and building medical content. They provide subject matter expertise on topics specializing in Orthopedics, General Medicine, Pharmacology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, in the Content Development project and conduct medical research using the existing literature. Our nurses review and analyze medical records and create a shred of demonstrative evidence.

Sam – President

Prior to founding Trivent Legal, Sam spent 15 years in the IT industry. He specialized in optical character recognition (OCR), converting scanned .pdf files to searchable machine-encoded text. Sam founded Trivent Legal in 2006 with the vision of introducing an outsourcing infrastructure to increase efficiencies of the legal field.

Roy – Vice President

Roy leads the US sales and operations team with a singular focus: to make Trivent Legal the leading medical records service provider. Roy brings over 35 years of experience in the legal market. Prior to his current position, he programmed and installed software at law firms across the country. As Area Sales Manager with Barrister Information Systems, Roy managed 10 offices throughout the US. His management experience includes product launches, product management, and company acquisitions.