January, 2022

A Utah based firm submitted 1500+ pages of medical records for their client who experienced a decline over a period of weeks due to improper dosage of Temozolomide to treat brain cancer.  Our team created custom reports to demonstrate the daily decline the patient suffered.  This included flow charts, specific standard of care citations and deviations, illustrations, and key article references. 

Our client was able to easily and quickly understand the important factors in a complicated case and tease out the injuries caused by the dosage error vs the brain cancer underlying condition.  

Cover storyMedical Malpractice – Medication error 

The plaintiff had a brain tumor removed 5 years ago. They went to an oncologist for follow up care, who prescribed 4 times the recommended dose of chemotherapy. The patient took the medication for 14 days before realizing it was the wrong dose. They spent months in the hospital with multiple issues.  

Services Provided: 

Our physicians prepared organized medical chronology overseeing the claimant’s condition at the time of Oncology follow up visit at XXXXXX Health with XXXX, MD on 07/23/YYYY, the progression of left frontal astrocytoma condition, recommendation of chemo-radiation therapy with Temozolomide, dispensing of incorrect dosage of Temozolomide, development of adverse effects of rash and decline in blood count secondary to incorrect dosage, diagnosis of medication overdose made on 08/22/ YYYY, the subsequent complications leading to neutropenic fever and drug induced pancytopenia and its management until 08/31/YYYY. 

Our special inputs to our client

On detailed review of the records, our team has identified that the patient treatment had deviation in the standard of care. So, we worked on a special report to explain this deviation to our client. We focused on the following parameters:  

  • Height and weight of the patient to calculate the appropriate drug dosage 
  • Timeline of the chemotherapy drug Temozolomide with dosage prescribed by Physician
  • FDA guidelines for Temozolomide recommended dose and dose modifications guidelines 
  • Negligence of Walgreen pharmacy prescribed dosage per day/daily dose 
  • Patient sufferings/ Signs and symptoms/ complication of drug overdosage
  • Articles to support that the damage (adverse reactions/ side effects) was due to the overdose 
  • Graph report to show the declining WBC/ RBC/ Platelet levels 
  • Key medical events and flow chart of Temozolomide overdose 

What special in this report: 

We have received 1520 pages of medical records. We presented each critical event with supporting documentation with a snapshot from the medical records, articles to support the case, graph report showcasing the declining status of the patient, FDA guidelines for Temozolomide recommended dose, and dose modifications guidelines and flow chart of temozolomide overdose for easy understanding. Our client was able to arrive at a conclusion in a few minutes when supplemented with an illustrative report. 

Client feedback (UT based firm): This was very helpful in our analysis… Great work. 

We customize our products all the time!  If you have a unique case or just want a different format, give us a call and we’ll make it happen!  

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