Mass Tort Litigation can be time-consuming and create a huge dent in your valuable time as you rummage through voluminous records of thousands of potential cases. We can help you unearth valuable pieces of information in a reasonably quick and efficient manner by screening these cases for you and presenting this information to you in an easy-to-peruse screening matrix or a crisp medical chronology thereby saving your time. What’s more? You have the added option of having your template customized and also have your records organized.

Case Screening

We give you an unbiased overview of all the critical factors

Customized Templates

Your cases are unique.  We’ll work with you to develop a matrix tailored to your needs. You set the criteria, and we analyze your potential plaintiffs.

One Stop For All

We can handle any number of plaintiffs. No matter how simple or complicated your cases may be, we provide you with the information needed to make the best decisions for your clients.


  • 3M earplug
  • Abilify
  • Actos
  • Avandia
  • Baby Formula
  • Bair Hugger
  • Benicar
  • Bone Infuse Case Review
  • Breast Implant
  • C8
  • Cardiology Procedures
  • Caspian Spinal System
  • Chantix
  • Covidien
  • Craniofacial implant
  • Da Vinci
  • DES
  • Elmiron
  • Essure
  • Fosamax
  • Granuflo
  • Heater Cooler System
  • Hernia Mesh
  • Hip Implant
  • Insulin Pump
  • Invokana
  • IVC
  • Knee Implant
  • Levofloxacin
  • Lipitor
  • Mirena
  • Multaq
  • Nuva Ring IUV
  • Oxyelite Pro
  • Pain Injection
  • Plavix
  • PPI
  • Pradaxa
  • Product Liability and Dangerous Drugs
  • Prozac
  • Reglan
  • Risperdal
  • Roundup Claim
  • Talcum Injury
  • Tasigna
  • Taxotere
  • TDF
  • Testosterone
  • Tobacco Litigation
  • TVM
  • Unnecessary Cardia Stent
  • Vaccine Injury
  • Vaping Device
  • Viagra
  • Xarelto
  • Yaz
  • Zantac
  • Zofran


Here you can find a few examples of the kinds of support formats we’ve developed

We have helped some of the leading law firms in the country develop customized Mass Tort services.  Whether it’s dozens, hundreds, or thousands of potential plaintiffs, we can tailor our product to your needs. We can mobilize up to 60 of our team members (1,500 hrs of work per week) dedicated to your cases.

We have worked on the following types of Mass Tort Cases:

3M,Xarelto Transvaginal Mesh,Truvada,Zofran,Viagra,Risperdal, Granuflo

Samples available upon request


We have an extensive history supporting mass tort litigation in a broad range of categories

  • Chronology
  • Bookmarks
  • Hotlinks
  • PDF Sorting for Binders
  • Medical Opinion
  • Narrative Summary
  • Billing Summary
  • Med-a-word
  • Records Extraction
  • Case screening spread sheets
  • Plaintiff fact sheets
  • Medical synopsis
  • Bates stamping
  • Articles research
  • Mass Tort Screening
  • Mass Tort Case Review
  • Mass Tort Custom Form

Submit Case

If you have a case to be reviewed and summarized, please reach out to us at 610-674-6901 or email us at [email protected]