How Did Trivent Legal MD’s Substantive Medical Opinion Support the Attorney in Confirming Case Merit and Initiating Full Investigation? 

Trivent Legal, recently handled a complex medical malpractice case involving potential misdiagnosis by Emergency Room (ER) Physicians at XXXX Memorial Hospital. The Attorney engaged Trivent legal MD’s to assess the case’s merit before proceeding with further investigation.

What Were the Details of the Case Background?

John Doe, a 62-year-old male, presented to the Emergency Room with complaints of fever, fatigue, skin rash, itching, facial and throat swelling on two occasions. On both the days, John Doe was diagnosed with “Poison Ivy Dermatitis” with generalized allergic reaction as he was exposed to poison ivy a week earlier. He was treated conservatively in the Emergency Room and discharged home. Three days later, John Doe returned with worsening symptoms and was diagnosed with Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis involving greater than 70% surface area of the body. He was admitted at XXXX Memorial Hospital and had a complex Intensive Care Unit (ICU) stay for three days suffering from extensive injury to his abdomen and all four extremities, acute respiratory failure, acute kidney injury, agitation and delirium.

What Was our MD’s Assessment of the Case?

MD Internal Medicine Specialist at Trivent legal reviewed the limited medical records and analyzed the case events from the initial presentation till the diagnosis that required an ICU admission. MD Specialist findings highlighted involvement of both eyes associated with swelling and facial angio-edema involving the upper and lower lip on the second day of John Doe’s presentation to the Emergency Room. This was substantiated with relevant medical literature reference noting “mucosal involvement occurs in approximately 90% of cases of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis at two or more distinct sites (oral, eye and genital)”. MD findings highlighted 9 deviations in the care provided to John Doe. MD provided references to Articles from up to Date to substantiate the opinion findings.

Attorney’s Feedback:

The Attorney expressed satisfaction with the MD’s thorough analysis and attention to detail. Subsequently, the Attorney opted for a detailed investigation, providing extensive medical records of 5000 pages for a detailed review of the events following diagnosis.

What Was the Next Step in the Case Process?

Trivent Legal’s experienced Medical Summary Staff, under MD guidance, reviewed about 5000 pages of records and summarized key medical events, highlighting damages and suffering endured by John Doe.

How Does Trivent Legal’s Two-Stage Case Review Process Work?

Stage 1 – MD Case Screening Opinion – Addresses Duty, Breach of Duty, Causation, and Damages, substantiated by peer-reviewed evidence. Identifies key medical records and missing details.

Stage 2 – Detailed Medical Chronology – Provided upon confirmation of case merit, documents treatment procedures, and impacts on the individual, facilitating comprehensive case understanding.

By using Trivent Legal’s expertise and structured approach, clients can quickly and effectively assess their cases, ensuring they receive comprehensive support.

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