Injury Charts- Delineating the extent and nature of injuries

Our medical experts prepare custom reports based on our client’s specifications.  These reports delineate medical facts that describe injuries and subsequent pain/suffering sustained by the patient.  The following are a few examples of special report:

Diagrammatic representation

This is a special report which depicts the body parts that have suffered the most significant injury, although the complete effect of all injuries will be considered while preparing a detailed medical chronology.

This provides a simple illustration of complex injuries suffered by plaintiff.

Injury Comparison Chart

An Injury comparison charts highlight the medical condition of the claimant before and after the accident.  Details such as mechanism of injury, assessment, management and prognosis are provided.  This helps the attorney to understand whether or not the claimant’s pain and suffering was worsened and/or aggravated after the accident.  The sample explains in detail the permanent impairment rating of the injured portions of the body in comparison with the previous medical condition.

Injury chart with pain scale

This customized chart focuses primarily on injuries and details the patient’s pain location, disability and the corresponding impact on the pain scale.

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