Concise reports for your medication error cases

Do you have a number of clients who suffered side effects or injuries due to medication errors? Are you probing through large volumes of medical records and medication details to identify whether or not the physician and nurses are liable for administering the wrong medication or wrong dosages? If so, send your case details to Trivent Legal and get it resolved today.

Our Trivent Legal experts prepare various types of reports based on client specifications. The following special reports organize the medication administration details and case specific information.

Medication reports are prepared in different ways for ease of attorneys reference:

a.Timeline charts

b.Medication spreadsheet

c.Bar Graph

1. Timeline charts

A timeline graph includes the orders and administration of medications over a specified time period. Pinpointing critical case events helps the medical malpractice attorney identify deviations without having to refer to the medical records individually.

2. Medication spreadsheet

A detailed medication spreadsheet includes the details of provider name, dosage, route of administration for the given period and infusion time. Orders are recorded chronologically and delayed and omitted dosages are also specified.

3. Bar graph

A special report which presents the amount of medication administered during hospitalization or for a specified time period. This will help attorneys to identify whether there were gaps of time and/or differences in dosages.

Benefits of medication report

Trivent Legal’s reports help attorneys to make effortless reviews of medications administered. Our special reports answer almost all possible questions that a medical malpractice attorney has, such as:
1. Who administered the medication?
2. What time was the medication administered?
3. What was the dosage of administered medicine?
4. What was the route of medication administration?
5. Were any medications withheld, at what time, and why?

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