Company Overview

Industry Leader since 2008

  • Trivent Legal has partnered with over 4000 law firms in the US and Canada providing Medical Record review services.

Front Office -Allentown, PA

  • Customer Service, Accounts Payable, Sales, and Account Management staff.

Chennai, India

  • 200+ MDs, Nurses, and other medical professionals.


  •  Average ~1500 cases a month
  •  Short-term 100 Cases/week capacity for Projects, such as large Mass Tort.


  • $35/hr for Standard summary services.
  • $75/hr for Medical Opinions (Using MD Specialists).

Core Competencies

  • Medical expertise: Our medical experts can provide the detailed analysis that is not typically available in-house.
  • Viewpoint-neutral: We neither miss unjust claims or overestimate the fair ones; We stay neutral.
  • Time-savings: We condense your voluminous records to minimal number of pages but loaded with detailed information.
  • Security Savvy: Secure file upload. Firewall & Intranet based E-mail access (only within the premises). Restricted access to client specific folders; We are HIPPA Compliant.
  • Customer satisfaction: We take pride in customizing our products and services based on our customer’s needs.

Services Overview

Services Supporting Practice Areas

Personal Injury

  • Chronologies
  • Narrative Summaries
  • Demand Letters

Medical Malpractice

  • Medical Opinions
  • Pressure Ulcer Matrix

Mass Tort

  • Plaintiff Fact Sheets
  • Case Screenings
  • Case Reviews/Chronologies

Services Overview

Additional Services

  • Hotlinks (Hyperlinks to records)
  • Bookmarking
  • Med-a-word (Technical Definitions)
  • Billing/Medical expenses sheet
  • Deposition summary
  • PDF Sorting for Binders
  • Graphical timelines
  • Articles Research

Case Timeline

Case Samples

Medical Chronology

Medical Chronology

Narrative Summary

Narrative Summary

Demand Letter

Demand Letter

Mass Tort Case Review

Mass Tort Case Review

Medical Opinion

  • The physicians opines on the medical case with valid reasoning and inferences in a Q&A format. Medical opinions involve reviewing the medical documents including the medical summary of a patient and figuring out if there is negligence/malpractice involved in the standard of care meted out to that patient.
    • Causation
    • Damages sustained
    • Future medical needs
    • Possible defendants
  • On-Staff Specialists Include, but limited to:
    • Nephrologist
    • Oncologist
    • Pulmonologist
  • Medical literature citations are provided with the opinions as needed.
  • If there are further clarifications, Our MDs will be available to discuss through a call
  • Screening medical opinion for merit (or) a detailed medical opinion can be provided based on the requirement
  • Medical literature alone will also be provided

Important Contacts

  • Case related issues – [email protected]
    • Estimate approvals
    • Status updates
    • Clarifications / Instructions
    • Case Feedback
  • Urgent case issues –(610) 674-6901, option 3 for Customer Service