The case screening process identifies those cases that you may want to pursue based on criteria that we identify for you. It involves screening the case based on the presence of influential factors like product usage and product-related complications or injuries. This helps you identify the potential cases based on a set of parameters in a Class Action suit. Our case screening spreadsheets help attorneys make the right decision about accepting or rejecting a case.

Features of Case Screening:

  • Screening Case for Merit: From an unbiased view, Trivent’s physicians will help you gauge and analyze the probability factors in a case that has the potential for a positive or negative outcome.

  • One-stop for all: We provide the convenience of addressing all plaintiffs in a particular case in a single spreadsheet, keeping in mind the differing criteria. Acting as a precursor, it allows you to narrow down cases for the preparation of a Chronology.

  • Decisive Parameters: The parameters are set based on the unique governing factors of a Class Action case set by the FDA/Judicial council for each device or drug litigation. All these parameters are taken into consideration and analyzed to come to a decision as to whether a case has merit or not.

  • Hotlinks to critical records: Product IDs or critical medical records like operative reports are hyperlinked to the spreadsheet for ease of reference.

TVM-Mass Tort Screening Spreadsheet

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