A Medical Chronology is a record of medical events in the order of their occurrence. This involves reading through hundreds of pages of medical records to identify, locate, review and interpret relevant information from the medical records. We summarize, highlight legally and medically noteworthy points that are pivotal instruments at various stages of the case discovery process.

Salient features of our Medical Chronology 

  • Focused, condensed and precise
  • Non-biased, fact based and insightful
  • Easy-to-read and interpret
  • Can be customized to suit your needs
  • Missing records are identified and communicated
  • Additional reports highlighting specific areas of interest such as Pain charts, Lab reports, etc

Personal Injury Sample

The chronology focuses on the motor vehicle accident, the injuries caused as a result and the treatment rendered subsequently.

Medical Malpractice Sample

The chronology focuses on the plaintiff’s medical condition following the  anesthetic and surgical management during a hip surgery leading to anoxic brain injury.

Mass-tort sample

The chronology focuses on the prescription of a drug, its usage, diagnosis of adverse events as a result of the usage and the management of drug complications.

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