Medical Opinions involve reviewing the medical documents including the medical summary of a patient and figuring out if there is negligence/malpractice involved in the standard of care given to that patient. Our physicians give an opinion on the medical case with valid reasoning and inferences in a question and answer format. In order to simplify medical jargon, we also present this data in a way that a non-medical person could understand, along with references from standard medical books or literature.

Case Scenarios and Medical Opinions

1. For cases where attorneys are not too sure about the breach/injury, we perform a preliminary review of the medical records and provide a firsthand opinion – usually in a single page without references or details of the subject, but enough to make a decision.


2. For cases in which attorneys have decided to proceed, we provide an analysis of the case and present the opinion in a detailed format of questions and answers substantiated with points, counter-points, references, citations and a clear conclusion of merit/demerit in the case. Our physicians speak with adequate evidence on every part of the law element; namely, the breach, the injury, the causation and the duty of care.

Medical-Opinion Knee-Replacement

Attorneys who deal with medical cases may have a number of questions related to medical conditions or medical issues of their client.  Our physicians are here to answer those questions which would help attorneys to understand their clients’ medical condition and identify deviations from the standard of care.

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