Trivent has a team of physicians and medical specialists that can prepare a running summary of the claimant’s medical history in a narrative format. Our team is trained to prepare summaries for a diverse list of specialities including, but not limited to motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, worker’s compensation burns, dog bites assault, emotional and sexual harassment, disability, and falls. In our diverse range of services, we customize our summary to best meet the needs of your case.

Our Narrative Summaries briefly capture and highlight all the major events that define the course of a case including, diagnostic procedures, office visits and consultations, therapy visits and other pertinent medical records in chronological order. The narrative summary will focus on all the injuries sustained due to the accident and the pre-existing injuries that were aggravated due to the accident. The pre-existing conditions related to the case focus will be captured briefly. We generally don’t include normal findings in our narrative summaries but may be captured if the case focus requires it.

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If you have a case to be reviewed and summarized, please reach out to us at 610-674-6901 or email us at [email protected]