Additional services to aid you in reviewing medical records such as Bookmarks, Hot Links and PDF Sorters are available.


Bookmarks are PDF document navigational tools that allow the reader to quickly locate and link to the points of interest within the medical record. They can be prepared in user defined categories such as providers, record type and dates, allowing easy file access.

  • Record Type Bookmark:

    The entire batch of medical records will be merged together and chronological bookmarks will be created for each record type, i.e. Progress Notes, Nursing Notes and Wound Assessment Records.

  • Provider Wise Bookmark:

    The records will be bookmarked by Provider (i.e. Provider A, Provider B etc.) and each provider will be bookmarked chronologically by record type.

  • Chronological Bookmark:

    The entire set of medical records will be bookmarked as per date irrespective of provider.

Hot Links

Hot Links allow for instant navigation from summaries and timelines to corresponding source page. This increases efficiency and accuracy of locating the original records. This service is available only in PDF version. Clicking the references in the hot linked document will take you the corresponding page in the medical records.

Bookmarked Hotlinked Sample

Jury Questionnaires: Jurors’ answers (handwritten) to the questions posted in the questionnaire are organized and presented to our clients in a customized template for their ease. We have specialists who can decipher handwritings while comprehending juror questionnaires. Moreover, we deliver the product in less time.

PDF Sorting: We arrange the mixed up medical records in the order of your preference. We specialize in sorting the medical records based on chronological occurrences (date-wise), provider and service types. We can also custom sort the medical records based on your preferences.

Types of PDF sorting:

  • Provider – The records are sorted by provider (i.e. Provider A, Provider B)

  • Chronological – The entire set of medical records are sorted as per date irrespective of provider

  • Record – The entire medical records will be merged and then sorted for each record type i.e. Nursing Notes, Discharge summary, Wound Assessment records, etc.

Bates Reference: Along with PDF reference, we can also give you Bates reference in the chronologies so as to let you know the exact page of the individual PDF (in the same order they are uploaded) from which the information has been captured.

Articles Research: Our experts provide knowledge to attorneys about various medical diseases and conditions with references from standard medical books, literature, articles and journals in a way that non-medical people understand. We provide case-specific medical literature citations which explain in detail the critical case focus areas and help attorneys understand the medical condition of their clients.

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