Have you ever wondered about the changes in lab values that could have suggested a different course of treatment? Have you ever wished to know how often a patient needed pain medication to treat their injuries? Have you ever wanted to know if a patient’s sacral decubitus ulcer was preventable? Would you like a customized report that is clear and easy to follow? Lab Report Understanding a patient’s lab values can make a critical difference in the patient’s diagnoses.  With an earlier correct diagnoses, the patient typically has better outcomes.  Let us help by preparing a specialized report that can demonstrate when lab values should have triggered certain diagnostic and/or treatment pathways.

Medication Report

We can provide a structured report of the medications administered during a specific time period, which will make the review effortless in cases involving medication errors.  Also, a medication report can provide details such as how often pain medication was taken by the patient.

Wound Chart

Wound charts provide a brief and concise report of the progress or deterioration of healing wounds without having to refer to the various medical records to source this information.  These reports are particularly helpful while reviewing voluminous nursing home records.

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