The 10k Cases delivery Challenge: Trivent Legal’s 3M Cases delivery in Just 3 Months. 

The 3M Combat Arms Earplugs v2 litigation is quickly approaching its conclusion with MSAs being finalized and the Extraordinary Injury Fund applications being submitted. It is by far the largest multidistrict litigation (MDL), reaching almost 300,000 total cases. To put that in perspective, the landmark MDL 0875 (In re: Asbestos Products Liability Litigation) only reached about 186,000 total plaintiffs. Combined with very tight deadlines and the voluminous (to say the least) records, law firms across the country have been in overdrive to ensure these military heroes are properly compensated for their sacrifice.

A longstanding client approached Trivent Legal a few weeks after the MSA was announced in the Fall of 2023. Like many other firms, they had thousands of cases to review so they could best recommend to their clients if they should elect to receive the Expedited Pay Program or the Deferred Pay Program.

How did Trivent Legal innovate in settlement calculation for the 3M Combat Arms Earplugs v2 litigation?

Our experts understood that because everything was based on logic, it was possible to automate the settlement calculator. Trivent Legal’s Innovation Team was approached and after extensive study and collaboration with Medical Experts our technical team was able to develop a VBA code-based automated settlement calculator. Various levels of testing and quality calibrations were made, and the tool provided accurate results like manual calculation.

Benefits: For each case, with the Automated Settlement Calculator there was a 70% reduction in calculation effort and a 16% saving in the overall effort.

To get the Automated Settlement Calculator sample , email us at [email protected]

How did Trivent manage the project and collaborate with the client’s team in the 3M Combat Arms Earplugs v2 litigation?

With the Automated Settlement Calculator as the key tool, Trivent was able to present the project process, effort, delivery, and deadlines to the client’s team. Medical Experts at Trivent Legal analyzed the complexities of the data, ensuring that all cases were treated with care. While self-reported census form data was inconsistent, our respective teams worked closely, often meeting several times a week to ensure each veteran was given their due respect and attention.

Role of Medical Expertise

– Thorough understanding and analysis of audiogram reports including Impairment Score, Testing Frequencies, Hearing Shift, reference and injury audiogram values

– In-depth review of records for details important for 3M Criteria including Recorded Tinnitus, Hearing Loss

– Census Form and DOEHRS Data Review for DOB, Service Start and End Date, Usage Start and End Dates

How did Trivent scale operations and handle deliverables for the 3M Combat Arms Earplugs v2 litigation project?

Trivent Legal and the client worked very closely on this project as new clarifications, additional scope and guidelines were issued on a seemingly weekly basis. Besides the medical experts, this project was steered by a Delivery Partner, with the support of a Project Manager and the Technical Support team.

Since it is a critical project that benefits several thousand veterans, Trivent Legal’s Project Management Team provided thorough project-specific training to 80 employees, allowing us to scale-up operations and handle nearly 10,000 total cases for several clients.

Trivent Legal’s dedicated Project Manager developed a special QC/QA checklist to ensure 100% quality in all deliverables.


Trivent successfully delivered around 2,000 cases for the client before the deadline.

Delivery Package:

– Injury Summary comprising details related to hearing loss and tinnitus

– Completed Settlement Calculator

– Hotlinked Summary

Hotlinked Injury Summary

What was the client’s satisfaction level with Trivent Legal’s performance in the 3M Combat Arms Earplugs v2 litigation?

Considering Trivent’s ability to meet the product quality, TAT and cost expectation, the client was not just satisfied; they were exceptionally pleased with Trivent Legal. Our commitment to transparency, communication, and delivering beyond expectations solidified the partnership, reaffirming Trivent Legal, Inc. as a trusted partner.

Client Testimonial

On behalf of client and the thousands of 3M Combat Arms Earplugs claimants we represent, “I want to extend a big thank you for a job exceptionally well done. When the settlement was first announced, and it was apparent that we would be working under tight deadlines to review and analyze thousands of cases, we were concerned that there simply would not be enough time to get the job done right, which is something our firm prides itself on every single day. One of our best decisions was reaching out to Trivent to ask that you assist us on the front-end analyses, even though this was very different than the projects we’ve previously worked on with you. Despite the inherent complexity of the analyses, the ever-changing methodology, and the tight deadlines imposed, your work was exceptional and exceeded our expectations”. Congratulations on a job very well done and we look forward to our continued working relationship in the future.

What was the outcome of the 3M Combat Arms Earplugs v2 litigation project ?

Good Work Always Returns Benefits – 2k Project to a 10k Cases Project

Trivent Legal’s collaborative approach to rapidly changing requirements with the client and a few other key clints allowed us to process and deliver settlement details for a total of 10,541 cases in a record span of 3 months. This is one of the major projects Trivent handled effectively and efficiently and stands as an example to demonstrate Trivent as a market leader in the medical records review process!


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