Did this Spinal Stenosis Surgery Cause Damage to the Patient?

Trivent MD was asked to review a complex case involving spinal stenosis surgery of the cervical spine. The client wanted to know if there was any possible negligence during the surgery that could have resulted in the patient having right forearm nerve damage. Additionally, the client wanted to know if the patient’s subsequent surgery on the forearm was a result of negligence during the first surgery and if it could have been avoided.

Trivent Review:

After conducting a thorough review of the case, our specialist in spinal surgery concluded that the spinal stenosis surgery did not cause any injury to the patient. The surgery was performed according to standard treatment protocols, and the patient did not experience any complications during the surgery or in the postoperative period. MRI scans taken after the surgery showed no evidence of abnormal spinal cord signals or any central or foraminal stenosis.

Furthermore, our specialist determined that the patient’s chronic right arm pain was not caused by the spine surgery, but rather by a nerve compression condition known as right upper extremity anterior-osseous syndrome related to a ganglion cyst. The second surgery was performed to decompress the right median nerve and was not related to the initial spinal surgery.

Our detailed opinion, supported by medical literature and expert explanations, helped the client make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the case. We were able to demonstrate that no negligence or damages were established. By providing a thorough and expert review, we were able to help our client make an informed decision about whether to proceed with their case. This ultimately saved them money and time.

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