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Medical malpractice is a complex lawsuit that demands attention to detail, and a deep understanding of both medical and legal intricacies. For medical malpractice attorneys, we shape insights from records, define standards, and forge evidence and opinions.

Read how we assisted Sarah

Sarah, a lawyer specializing in medical negligence, represents a client who underwent surgery for a broken leg. During the procedure, the surgeon had accidentally damaged a nerve, causing long-term pain and limited mobility. Here’s how Trivent Legal can help Sarah to win this case for her client:

Assessing medical records

Highlighting key legal prerequisites

Delving into intricate facts

Customizing solutions

Assisting optimal decisions

Saving time and money

Without Trivent Legal​

Manual assessment of medical records.
Dependence on personal judgment for legal prerequisites.
Limited ability to explore intricate facts.
More challenging decision-making.
Potential increase in time and financial costs.

Explore the samples to know better

Medical Chronology

Explore our concise medical chronology sample detailing Ms. Doe’s cataract surgery, highlighting errors, dates, and outcomes. Crucial for legal and medical evaluations, thoroughly assess the impact on patient health, and determine liability or necessary interventions with this informative timeline resource.

Demand Letter

Experience peace of mind with our demand letter sample, meticulously outlining surgery errors in Ms. Doe’s case. From negligence details to the impact on health and well-being, it succinctly demands compensation for financial and non-economic losses, paving the way for a resolution before legal action.

Medical Opinion

Rely on our in-house ophthalmologist’s expert review. Ms. Doe’s Posterior Capsule Opacification wasn’t a result of surgery errors. Our meticulous medical opinions provide invaluable insights for legal or medical proceedings, ensuring the best outcomes for patient well-being.

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Deposition Summary
Graphical timeline
Medical synopsis
Articles research
Demand Letter
Narrative Summary
Records Extraction
Pain and suffering chart
Bates stamping
Medical Opinion
Billing Summary
Case screening spreadsheet
Pain medication chart
‎Pressure ulcer matrix

Litigation Categories We Have Assisted

Pressure Ulcers
Anesthesia Errors
Medication Errors
(But not limited to them)
Surgery Errors
Negligent Prenatal Care
Childbirth Injuries
Treatment Errors
Nursing Home Abuse
Delayed Diagnosis
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