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The Pain Medication Charts

The Pain Medication Chart is a tool an attorney can use to effectively negotiate a settlement for pain and suffering, and obtain all of the benefits that a plaintiff deserves. The chart highlights that the plaintiff has received prescriptions for pain relief, inflammation reduction, or other injury-related symptoms. This information can be persuasive in demonstrating the severity of injuries to the defendant or insurance adjuster. Additionally, the chart aids attorneys in assessing if the patient has experienced injuries due to medication overdose. The Pain Medication Chart covers the following aspects

We customize your pain medication charts based on the type of case, such as personal injury, medical malpractice or mass tort, and your criteria.

Pain and suffering chart

Pain and suffering chart contains date, provider/prescription provider, chief complaints, and location of pain, pain scale, pain medications, assessment/plan, prognosis and PDF/Bates reference.

Graphical timeline / Timeline cover sheet

We provide a graphical representation of the chronological sequence of events. We include components like event name, start date, start/end time, end date and category in the chart.

Med – A – Word

Hover your cursor over a medical term and a window pops up instantaneously with the meaning of the word.

The Pain Medication Charts

Medical bills are sorted in chronological order and expenses are recorded in a separate spreadsheet which includes the details like date of treatment, types of treatment rendered and expenses incurred. The patient’s expenses for all the services rendered by every health case provider are also captured. Billing summary/ expenses sheets summarize all the bills for a particular patient, containing:

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