Mass Tort Case Screening

Our Mass Tort screening process identifies potential cases for attorneys based on the Class Action suit by assessing factors such as product usage and related complications or injuries. This helps attorneys make informed decisions about whether to pursue a case, using screening spreadsheets to evaluate key parameters.

Screening Case for Merit

With no bias, Trivent’s physicians will help you gauge and analyze the probability factors in a case that has the potential for a positive or negative outcome.

Decisive Parameters

The parameters are set based on the unique governing factors of a Class Action case set by the FDA/Judicial council for each device or drug litigation. Based on these parameters attorneys can decide whether a case has merit or not.

One-stop for all

We provide the convenience of addressing all plaintiffs in a particular case in a single spreadsheet, keeping in mind the differing criteria. Acting as a precursor, it allows you to narrow down cases for the preparation of a chronology.

Hotlinks to critical records

Product IDs or critical medical records like operative reports are hyperlinked to the spreadsheet for ease of reference.

Analysis of key issues


Accurate listing and identification of exhibits

Review by expert witnesses

Explore the Mass Tort Case Screening review samples to know better

Personal injury


Discover Mr. Doe’s military earplug case review – a concise timeline of events, analyzing audiograms and damages. Essential for legal proceedings, this information helps attorneys build strong cases and assess damages related to alleged earplug defects.
Medical malpractice

C8 – Water Contamination

Explore crucial evidence in legal cases on water contamination. Our review on Mr. Doe’s C8 (PFOA) exposure links toxic substance exposure to injuries like Testicular Cancer, aiding attorneys in building strong personal injury or environmental liability cases.
Mass tort

Essure – Case

Explore vital insights from Ms. Doe’s Essure case review to aid attorneys in handling related lawsuits. Our sample offers a concise overview of complications post-placement, helping assess damages and formulate effective legal strategies for product liability claims.

Making Efficient Legal Choices

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