Case Samples

Here you can find a few examples of the kinds of support formats we’ve developed

Personal Injury

This is how we summarized the events in a Narrative Summary.

John Doe was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident.  His vehicle was rear-ended, and we were tasked with parsing pre- existing injuries from the ones sustained during the accident itself.

Medical Malpractice

We were given over 5,000 pages of medical records related to an infant born with Hirschsprung Disease to an HIV positive mother.  Here is how we simplified this case to just 48 pages with a Medical Chronology.

Medmal Medical-Chronology

And here’s a graphic we created to help the Attorney communicate the timeline of events, and if there was a deviation from standard practice.

Surgical Management-Complications

Mass Tort

We have helped some of the leading law firms in the country develop customized Mass Tort services.  Whether it’s dozens, hundreds, or thousands of potential plaintiffs, we can tailor our product to your needs. We can mobilize up to 60 of our team members (1,500 hrs of work per week) dedicated to your cases.

Samples available upon request