Medical Chronology

Our Medical Chronology summarizes, highlight legally and medically noteworthy points and organize these records in chronological order, presenting a clear timeline of medical events.

Accurate & Organized

We tame the medical record chaos, so you can focus on winning cases.

Chronological Clarity

Our timelines unravel the sequence of events, revealing case-defining milestones.

Focused, condensed and precise

Unbiased, fact based and insightful

Missing records are identified and communicated

Easy-to-read and interpret

Can be customized to suit your needs

Additional reports highlighting specific areas of interest such as Pain charts, Lab reports, etc

Explore our medical chronology samples to know better

Personal injury


Discover the impact of a motor vehicle collision on Mr. Doe through our medical chronology sample. Concisely summarizing injuries like concussion, headaches, and cervical radiculopathy, our timeline facilitates legal assessments, showcasing the profound effects of the accident on the individual’s health.

Medical malpractice

Premises Liability

Explore our concise medical chronology sample, detailing injuries like post-traumatic headaches and cognitive deficits due to premises liability. Strengthen your legal case with a clear account of property owner negligence consequences, gaining a powerful edge for compensation in cases of unsafe conditions.
Mass tort

Surgery Errors

Explore our concise medical chronology sample detailing Ms. Doe’s cataract surgery, highlighting errors, dates, and outcomes. Crucial for legal and medical evaluations, thoroughly assess the impact on patient health, and determine liability or necessary interventions with this informative timeline resource.

Charting the medical history your case requires

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