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Personal injury lawsuits require attorneys to decipher medical stories to precision. Victims’ quest for compensation demands meticulous scrutiny. We spare you the time by summarizing and crafting concise records, while chronologically structuring them.
Personal Injury

Read how we assisted John

John, a personal injury attorney, is advocating for a client involved in a road accident caused by another driver’s negligence. The incident not only resulted in physical injuries for the client but also left them burdened with substantial medical bills. Here’s how Trivent Legal can help John to win this case for his client:

Summarizing medical records

Chronologically structuring medical records

Highlighting key medical facts

Organizing key evidence for easy reference

Drafting demand letters

Offering customized solutions

Saving time and budget

Without Trivent Legal​

Manual summarization of medical records.
Time-consuming search for unstructured documents.
Potential oversight of critical medical facts.
Drafting every demand letter manually.
It can takes months and eventually be costly

Explore the samples to know better

Medical Chronology

Discover the impact of a motor vehicle collision on Mr. Doe through our medical chronology sample. Concisely summarizing injuries like concussion, headaches, and cervical radiculopathy, our timeline facilitates legal assessments, showcasing the profound effects of the accident on the individual’s health.

Demand Letter

Explore our Demand Letter sample for motor vehicle collisions, providing comprehensive insights into facts, liabilities, injuries, treatment, medical expenses, and damages. A valuable resource to streamline and strengthen your compensation claims effortlessly and confidently.

Medical Opinion

Our orthopedist’s crucial opinion links the collision to Mr. Doe’s injuries, aiding legal proceedings for insurance claims. Covering issues like concussion, headaches, and cervical radiculopathy, our expert analysis establishes a clear connection. Trust us for comprehensive support in your case.

Where can we help you?

PDF Sorting for Binders
Deposition Summary
Graphical timeline
Medical synopsis
Demand Letter
Narrative Summary
Records Extraction
Pain and suffering chart
Bates stamping
Medical Opinion
Billing Summary
Case screening spreadsheet
Pain medication chart

Litigation Categories We Have Assisted

Grocery Shop Injury
Ingestion Injury
Mechanism of injury not known
Pedestrian Strike
Radiation Exposure
Struck by Object
Work Place Injury
Gun Shot
Lead Exposure
Mold Exposure
Police Brutality Premises Liability
Sexual Assault
Tobacco Litigation
Worker Compensation Cases
Handwritten Project
Long-term Disability Benefits
Product Liability
Slip and Fall
Trip and Fall
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