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Why our portal?

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How to access our portal?

Login to the Portal

Our portal is a centralized platform for you to communicate with our legal representatives, enhancing the efficiency and clarity of communication.


A dashboard to keep your legal documents organized in one place, making it easy to locate and reference important information.

Fill in the case name and type

Update your personal information, contact details, and
preferences so our legal team always has the most accurate information.

Choose the required service

From the drop down choose the service that best explains your requirement.

Upload the case files and medical records

Upload, access, and download important legal documents, ensuring data privacy and reducing the risk of document loss.

Request services on our HIPAA Secure Portal

We prioritize security, ensuring that sensitive client information is protected through encryption and access controls.

How do we take it from there?

T day

CS agent reviews the order to confirm the instruction, services requested, pages received, and deadlines

T day

Gets back to the client on any clarification required

T +1 days

Our medical expert team provides cost-free estimates after analyzing the records

On receipt of approval from client

File is taken up for production after approval

T +7 days

Client can view and download our services from our portal

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