Trivent Legal is a medico-legal firm with over two decades of expertise in handling various injury types and has a team of experts  and MDs who work together to draft demand letters. In this case, Trivent had to write a demand letter for a Traumatic Brain Injury after a Motor vehicle Accident.

What happened during the motor vehicle accident?

A 27-year-old woman was involved in a motor vehicle collision at an intersection caused by the negligence of the other driver. The collision happened so suddenly that she was unable to attempt swerving out of the way. Her body was thrown forward and backward such that her head struck the ceiling, and her whole body was tensed up due to the impact of the collision. She was shocked and took a moment to get her bearings before being able to get out of the vehicle.

How do we approach a TBI Motor Vehicle Accident Case?

Our team of expert physicians and MDs came together to draft a demand letter. Since it involved a complicated TBI case, we took the services of our MD Orthopedist and Neurologist. Our physician reviewed the records and documented that she has been experiencing headaches, and pain in her neck, mid-back, low back, knees, and legs since the collision. She was diagnosed with musculoskeletal injuries and Traumatic Brain Injuries. The pain continued to worsen despite conservative measures such as applying ice, avoiding stimulation and activities that worsen her pain, and taking Tylenol.

Due to the effects of whiplash and Traumatic Brain Injury, our expert MD Neurologist discovered that she experienced an increase in emotional lability, irritability, light sensitivity, difficulty concentrating, and forgetfulness with occasional headaches localized to the right forehead/vertex. As the onset of these symptoms is new and directly because of the collision, it kept worsening with minimal mental or physical exertion, and she has been limited in her activities significantly.

Our MD Orthopedist found that the persistent pain in her neck, midback, and cognitive symptoms with headaches were 100% attributed to the motor vehicle collision. She has been attending appointments with several specialists including an orthopedist, neurologist, pain management specialist, and a clinical psychologist for the evaluation and treatment of her symptoms, and determined that she will continue to require further treatment in the future until complete recovery.  With all these facts put together in the Demand Letter by an expert medical professional, it formed the base for further sections in this Demand Letter, especially the Future Medical Expenses and Lifestyle Impact.

Along with the demand letter, we furnished medical illustrations for complex medical terms such as concussion, whiplash, adjustment disorder, etc., to easily understand the medical diagnoses which will help non-medical professionals understand the severity of the injuries.

How were the Lifestyle Impact and Future Medical Expenses drafted in this Demand Letter?

The symptoms suffered are bound to affect the overall psyche of the individual. These are delineated in the Lifestyle Impact. Basing her life, personal relationships with her family and friends, profession, hobbies, and general well-being prior to the collision, it was deduced in the Lifestyle impact that her life had turned topsy-turvy by all means due to the collision, be it her work, activities of daily living, her relationships with people, and her leisure activities.

Using our in-house tool, the Future Medical Expenses were estimated to be $75,000.00-$100,000.00. and the medical expenses incurred were found to be approximately $66,807.00 and computed the wage loss from staying off work due to the injuries as $27,458.75.

Trivent Legal’s expertise in handling various injury types, along with our team of expert physicians and MDs, makes us the go-to medico-legal firm for drafting demand letters. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a comprehensive and clear picture of the injuries suffered, which helps in achieving successful settlements for our clients.

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