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Hair relaxers have been a staple in the beauty routines of many women, offering a quick fix for achieving straight, manageable hair. However, beneath the surface lies a complex legal landscape rife with lawsuits and health concerns. Trivent Legal, with its expertise in handling mass tort cases, unveils its strategic approach to navigating hair relaxer lawsuits.

Understanding Hair Relaxers:

Hair relaxers work by penetrating the hair shaft to loosen its natural curl pattern, leaving it weaker, brittle, and prone to breakage. Despite their popularity, concerns about their safety have escalated, with studies linking their use to an increased risk of uterine cancer.
In 2014, the FDA mandated hair relaxer manufacturers to disclose ingredients, yet compliance has been lacking. This failure has led to a surge in lawsuits against major players like L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf, and Pantene.

Why Trivent Legal?

For years, Trivent Legal has been at the forefront of supporting law firms in mass tort litigation through Various medical record reviews. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we seamlessly assist legal teams in navigating complex cases, ensuring thorough documentation and analysis of medical evidence.

With a proven track record in mass tort litigation, Trivent Legal stands out for its:

• In-depth expertise in hair relaxer lawsuits, including extensive experience with manufacturers like L’Oreal.

• Specialized knowledge of toxic chemicals and their health effects, offering invaluable insights for clients.

• Exceptional scalability, equipped to handle high-volume cases with a dedicated team of medical experts.

• Customized pricing plans, ensuring cost-effective solutions for clients facing bulk

Recognizing the significance, we proposed developing a Special Report comparing the images with the treating radiologist’s impression alongside our MDs’ impressions.

Case Review Focus Areas:

1. Was Hair Relaxer used?

2. Did the patient have any preexisting conditions/cancer, allergies or contraindications for the Hair Relaxer?

3. Was uterine cancer diagnosed?

4. Stage of cancer at diagnosis?

5. Treatment/management of cancer – Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, hospital stay etc.

6. Follow-up visits for side effects or complications of cancer

7. Any risk factors such as age, race, body mass index, smoking status, alcohol consumption, hormone therapy use, history of diabetes, hypertension, and socioeconomic status which have an effect on injury?

8. Outcome/prognosis

Our Specialized Services for Hair Relaxer Product Liability Cases:


• Comprehensive documentation of chronological events related to hair relaxer usage and associated injuries.

• Focus on primary and secondary injuries, treatment protocols, comorbid factors, and family cancer history.

Case Screening:

• Qualifier Analysis to identify potential product liability cases.

• Structured question-and-answer format covering key aspects of hair relaxer usage and injury history.

Mass Tort Custom Form:

• Simplified chronology presented in an Excel format.

• Coverage of hair relaxer usage patterns, cancer diagnosis details, treatment regimens, and relevant risk factors.


• Annotation of medical records with customized patterns for easy reference.

• Chronological arrangement of bookmarks facilitating swift information retrieval.


• Direct navigation to medical records from the chronology via hyperlinks.

• Streamlined access to associated medical records, eliminating the need for manual cross-referencing.

Plaintiff Fact Sheets:

• Standardized questionnaires serving as interrogatories and requests for production.

• Collation of health records, identifying information, and litigation history to facilitate comprehensive case analysis.

As the legal battle against hair relaxer manufacturers intensifies, Trivent Legal hopes to leverage its medical expertise and strategic approach to secure success for law firms.

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