How a Comparative study of the MRI by Trivent Legal helped our client to find the injury caused by the MVA ?


Sudden injuries can change the course of one’s life. The medical bills alone can be crushing. In a case that Trivent handled, the claimant was the restrained driver of a car that hit a median and rolled over multiple times. He sustained multiple injuries to his lower back, right shoulder, and left ankle. The claimant was diagnosed with an unstable burst fracture of the third lumbar vertebra, lumbar region spinal instabilities, thoracic aortic ectasia, lumbar spinal stenosis, hypoxemia, pain in the left thigh, pain in the right shoulder, segmental and somatic dysfunction of the sacral region. The claimant underwent multiple diagnostic studies. Despite multiple epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections, as well as lumbar corpectomy, insertion of vertebrectomy device, interbody fusion, and plate fixation, the claimant continued to have pain in his lumbar spine.

Special Focus:

On a detailed review of the records, our MD Radiologist noted that the claimant had progressive exacerbation of his lumbar spine as well as limb length discrepancy due to the motor vehicle collision. Accordingly, Trivent worked on the Comparative Study of MRI of lumbar spine reports to help the client classify the limb length discrepancy and exacerbation of the lumbar degeneration.

Image Analysis via a comparative study of lumbar MRIs:



In this case, image analysis via a comparative study of MRI of lumbar spine reports dated 2017, 2018, and 2021 was prepared to showcase the progressive degeneration of lumbar levels and the limb length discrepancy.

Index of Radiological Studies as seen on CD label:

We also prepared an Index of Radiological Studies, which includes the date of service, Type of radiological study, and Bates Reference, which helped to identify the details of the available diagnostic reports.


By isolating and comparing these MRI images we were able to showcase the progressive degeneration of lumbar levels and the limb length discrepancy in a clear and concise manner.

Over 15 years of expertise in the medical record review domain has helped us to understand the needs and the pain points of our customers, and our work products are customized in such a way as to address them.

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