How did Trivent TurnAround a complex Malpractice case in just 2 days

We received records from our client, who wanted to complete a review of the records with an Infectious Disease Focus. The case had 3252 pages of records, and the client wanted a Narrative Summary in 2 days.

Case Background:

This case involves a gentleman with a past medical history of Hepatitis B and cirrhosis who was admitted with neurologic symptoms and ultimately diagnosed with primary listeria involving the central nervous system. The diagnosis was ultimately made upon the third lumbar puncture and by blood cultures. He was treated with multiple antibiotics for an extended course and discharged to a facility for continued care. He suffered significant neurologic damage. I need a good case overview and synopsis in a report form.

Challenges Faced During Narrative Summary Preparation:

  • To draft a highly customized summary with output <12 pages from 3252 pages of records
  • Review records of nearly 4 months of hospitalization & 6 months of office visits and summarize important details in a 12-page narrative summary within 2-day TAT.

Action Plan

Trivent Legal expertise in this domain for over 15 years came into the fore. Our analysis team sprang into action to find our medical expert in the neurologist domain who delivers the quickest. The case was immediately assigned to our Top expert and a customized work plan was put into place

Work Plan/Narrative Summary:

Trivent shared a concise Workplan customized to the attorney’s needs which was requested to be completed in just 2 days

  • Significant condition prior to the hospitalization was summarized as the patient’s history
  • Detailed vs. Brief Two Step Approach: We followed a two-step approach for hospitalization from 09/10/XXXX through 01/02/XXXX for the management of his neurological issues.
    • The events up to the diagnosis of listeria were summarized in detail, with a separate summary for each day focusing on the patient’s neurological condition.
    • For the rest of the hospitalization post diagnosis of listeria from 10/XX/XXXX, details presented in brief – summarizing critical details for every 10 days until the discharge of the patient on 01/02/XXXX
  • Post-discharge, the office visits were presented briefly but date-by-date.
  • Details not related to the case focus and repetitive details were excluded from the summary.

Output: As a result of the planned approach, we were able to complete the Narrative Summary within the 2-day TAT as requested by the client and 12 pages as preferred (6 pages of detailed summary until the diagnosis of Listeria and 6 pages of summary post-diagnosis).

Trivent always offers highly customized work products based on the requirements of the case and/or client preference. Based on specific and continued input from clients, we deliver what is needed by clients and with a corresponding cost reduction benefit too!!!

Our Strong team of 150 medical experts have expertise in various domains. Our medical experts combined with our data analysis of past cases enable us to Turnaround cases in record time compared to our competitors

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