How Does a Thorough Medical Record Review by Our MD Neurologist Lead to Successful Resolutions?

What Constitutes Medical Negligence in Delayed Diagnosis?
A delayed diagnosis constitutes medical negligence, profoundly affecting a patient’s quality of life. Such a delay can exacerbate a patient’s condition, complicating treatments or, in the worst cases, leading to fatality. To establish delayed diagnosis, it’s vital to understand the 4 Ds of medical negligence: duty, dereliction, damages, and direct cause.

How Can Medical Record Review Uncover Negligence?
Trivent Legal recently tackled a case involving a potential Delayed Diagnosis. Our in-house MD Neurologist meticulously reviewed the medical records, pinpointing the precise moment the medical oversight occurred. This critical insight from our medical record review played a pivotal role in our client’s case victory.

What Symptoms Can Be Overlooked in Medical Evaluations?
On February 3, John Doe began experiencing alarming symptoms: dizziness, nausea, an all-over tingling sensation, and difficulty speaking. These symptoms, which peaked after a week of persistent frontal migraines, prompted him to seek immediate medical attention at Samaritan Hospital.

How Can Medical Record Review Highlight Clinical Missteps?
In spite of these glaring symptoms, John was given a brief examination in the emergency room and was diagnosed with hyperglycemia and new onset type 2 diabetes mellitus. The medical staff attributed his symptoms to diabetes complications and discharged him. However, John’s ordeal was far from over.
Just two days later, he found himself back at Samaritan Hospital, where a more thorough examination revealed a distressing diagnosis – John had suffered a stroke.

What Role Does Medical Record Review Play in Identifying Care Gaps?
Upon an in-depth examination, our MD Neurologist determined that even with a normal CT brain result, given the patient’s stroke symptoms, an MRI should have been conducted to rule out the possibility of a stroke. This vital step was overlooked in John Doe’s care. Thus, failing to perform a comprehensive neurological examination on 02/03/YYYY and not recommending an MRI brain scan on that same date, despite clear stroke symptoms, were significant deviations from the standard of care. These oversights, identified through our rigorous medical record review, directly contributed to the delayed diagnosis of John’s stroke.

By pinpointing these medical oversights through our comprehensive medical record review, we armed our law firm client with undeniable evidence of negligence. This precise identification was instrumental in building a compelling case, ultimately leading to a resounding victory for our client in court.


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