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Exactech Litigation: A Comprehensive Guide

Exactech is renowned as a global medical device enterprise specializing in the development and marketing of orthopedic implant devices, surgical instruments related to the procedure, and active intelligence. However, concerns have arisen regarding the safety and reliability of some of their products, leading to lawsuits.

Injuries Associated with Exactech Litigation
Patients with a recalled Exactech implant may face numerous severe complications, which include:

  • Painful symptoms
  • Significant bone loss
  • Mobility issues Sometimes, revision surgery might be the only solution to address these complications.

Qualifying Implants for an Exactech Litigation:

  1. Hip Implants:
    • Acumatch Hip with Connexion GXL liner
    • MCS Hip with Connexion GXL liner
    • Novation Hip with Connexion GXL liner
  2. Knee Implants:
    • Truliant Knee: Ranging from CR Tibial Inserts to PSC Tibial Inserts
    • Optetrak Knee: Variety includes All-polyethylene components and HI-FLEX PS Tibial Inserts
    • Optetrak Logic Knee: From CR Tibial Inserts to CC Tibial Inserts
  3. Ankle Implants:
    • Vantage Ankle: Fixed-Bearing Liner Component

Case Focus Blocks for an Exactech Litigation:

  1. Medical and Surgical History:
    • Medical complications directly or indirectly tied to implant placement.
    • Patient’s surgical history.
    • Information on any past implants, especially concerning ankle, hip, or knee.
    • Existing complaints associated with these implants or surgeries.
  2. Reason for Replacement:
    • Necessity and indications for the replacement.
    • Details about consulted specialists.
    • Pre-operative assessment and suitability for surgery.
  3. Implant Placement Surgery:
    • Comprehensive operative report.
    • Post-operative progress notes.
    • Narrative summary based on hospital records post-operation.
  4. Implant Details:
    • Verification if the implant in question was placed.
  5. Implant Failure/Complications:
    • Description of complaints linked to the implant.
    • Timeline of reported complaints.
    • Subsequent medical diagnosis.
    • Surgical and medical management details.
  6. Revision Surgery:
    • Thorough operative report on implant failure.
    • Details of the new implant post the initial implant’s removal.
    • Overview of post-operative notes after revision.
  7. Condition Post Revision Surgery:
    • Complications after revision surgery.
    • Management and treatment of post-revision complications.

Trivent Legal Services for Exactech Litigation Cases:

  • Chronology:Capture key medical events in order: Reason for Exactech placement Implant specifics Device failure evidence Complications Secondary issues from Exactech device Other comorbid factors.
  • Case Screening: Brief details on: Exactech device placement Implant specifics Post-placement complications Implant failure evidence.
  • Matrix/Spreadsheet: Complete information on Exactech device provided in an Excel sheet for easy access. Details include: Exactech placement Implant specifics Removal/revision procedure Objects Inserted: Relevant pages (placement, implant label, procedures) will be attached to the Excel as objects post each column for reference

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