How does Trivent Legal assist law firms in IVC Filter lawsuits

IVC Filter lawsuits

IVC filter lawsuits allege C.R. Bard and Cook Medical’s devices had defects that made them more likely to fracture inside or perforate a vein

Brands and Companies Named in Lawsuits

  • Bard
  • Cook
  • Cordis
  • ALN
  • Argon
  • Boston Scientific


Medical complications (Filter Failure Vs. Device Complications):

  • Filter fracture
  • Device migration
  • Blood clots
  • Organ perforation
  • Organ damage
  • Impossible filter removal
  • Device (Filter) failure (recurrent DVT/PE)
  • Access site bleeding
  • Misplacement
  • Infection
  • Vein perforation


Types of IVC filter complications include:

  • Immediate symptoms
  • Delayed symptoms
  • Complications from placement
  • Tilting, breakage and migration
  • Defects
  • Pain
  • Detachment
  • DVT


How Trivent Legal helps out Lawfirms with IVC Filter cases

With over 400 IVC Filter  lawsuit cases reviewed, Trivent Legal is the go-to partner for comprehensive case screening and merit assessments. We have immense experience in providing specialized record review services for IVC Filter.

Through our IVC Filter case expertise, we’ve cultivated targeted case focus strategies for successful IVC Product litigation.

Case Review Focus Areas:

  1. Did the patient receive an IVC filter and why?
  2. What are the patient’s pre-existing conditions and factors, such as pregnancy or obesity?
  3. Were there any pre-existing allergies or contraindications to metal?
  4. What injury resulted from the IVC Filter and how did it happen?
  5. Did the patient die due to filter complications and is a death certificate available?
  6. When and where was the injury diagnosed? Was the patient hospitalized?
  7. Were there attempts to retrieve the filter?
  8. How was the injury managed and were there complications?
  9. When were the follow-up visits?
  10. Is future or long-term anticoagulation therapy planned?
  11. What’s the prognosis and has the injury resolved?


Trivent Legal services for IVC cases:

  • Chronology
  • Narrative summary
  • Medical opinion
  • Case screening
  • Spreadsheet/Matrix

If you have a case to be reviewed and summarized, please reach out to us at 610-674-6901, , chat on our website or email us at [email protected]


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