In this harrowing case, a 72-year-old male was hospitalized following a motor vehicle accident, facing multiple injuries and health complications. As per the death certificate, he passed away due to subarachnoid hemorrhage. However  our medical experts exposed a critical oversight in patient monitoring, leading to a winning case for the attorney.


A 72-year-old male presented to the defendant hospital on 03/04/2022 following a motor vehicle accident. He was diagnosed with a small subarachnoid hemorrhage, intraparenchymal hematoma, pterygoid process fracture, and comminuted mandibular fracture. He was hospitalized from 03/04/2022 to 03/22/2022 for encephalopathy, acute respiratory failure, intracranial hemorrhage, and a liver lesion.

During his hospitalization, significant events included a fall on 03/08/2022, Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) of the mandibular fracture on 03/11/2022, severe oropharyngeal dysphagia with concern for aspiration on 03/16/2022, G-tube placement for nutrition on 03/17/2022, and continued tube feeding.

On 03/22/2022, the patient appeared to vomit and aspirated, leading to a code being called. Despite resuscitation efforts, he unfortunately passed away. According to the death certificate, the immediate cause of death was documented as subarachnoid hemorrhage and blunt force trauma. Other contributing factors included aspiration pneumonia and liver cancer with metastasis.


  1. Comprehensive Review: Piecing Together the Puzzle
    • Our team of medical experts embarked on a meticulous review of available medical records
    • Uncovering the specialties involved and identifying the focus areas of the case
    • Creating a comprehensive medical chronology to provide a clear timeline of events
  2. Collaborative Examination: Insights from the MD
    • Our medical experts engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with our esteemed MD
    • Unveiling crucial aspects and shedding light on the case’s focus areas
    • Identifying a critical oversight in patient monitoring that had far-reaching implications
  3. Monitoring at Risk: The Deviation in Care
    • Highlighting the patient’s high risk for oral feeding, leading to PEG tube placement
    • The importance of monitoring gastric residual volume as standard of care
    • Noting a deviation in monitoring on 03/19/2022 with evidence of increased free water intake
  4. Unfortunate Consequences: Aspiration and Code Event
    • The tragic turn of events on 03/22/2022 with evidence of aspiration pneumonia
    • Drawing a direct connection between the oversight and the patient’s deteriorating condition
    • Reflecting on the avoidable nature of the patient’s untimely demise
    • A comprehensive medical opinion was provided to the client

Through our meticulous medical record review, we not only provided our client with a comprehensive understanding of their case but also played a transformative role in securing a favorable settlement. As we continue to redefine the legal landscape, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Trust in our expertise to provide you with the edge you need in your medical cases, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your clients.


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