How Trivent Legal’s Medical Expertise Exposes Fatal Flaws in Patient Monitoring, Securing Legal Triumph?

Lifestyle impact in a Demand letter personalizes the case, strengthening the argument by detailing the real-life effects of an incident. This evidence-based approach not only underscores the severity of damage sustained but can also motivate quicker settlements by making the case more compelling.

Writing about the pain and suffering of an individual due to a personal injury requires a lot of skill and a wee bit of empathy. That’s what a panel of energetic young minds with a strong command in English does at Trivent Legal. After learning about the injuries sustained and how it went on to affect their welfare by all means that are recorded either in a journal or Personal Injury questionnaire, the Lifestyle Impact is structured accordingly along with giving due consideration to their age, professional and personal lives, relationships with family and friends, hobbies, and overall status in the society. As every individual and their temperament towards dealing with adversity is unique, every Lifestyle Impact is bespoke. It is tailored to suit according to the severity of injuries which is different across individuals.

Here’s what one of our most talented writers with carefully chosen words wrote in the Demand Letter for an 81-year-old Veterinarian that injured his knees due to a motor vehicle collision:

“Before the collision, Mr. _____, an 81-year-old Veterinarian, had needed no help at all to walk. Yet, as stated in the Independent Medical Evaluation report, in the several months after the collision, he was forced to rely on a wheelchair before graduating to a humiliating walker. He only sometimes uses his walker now (when he is in the most pain), but he must use his cane every step he takes, every single day.

Mr. _____ suffered debilitating injuries to his left knee and low back because of the negligent driving of the defendant. His left knee pain is pronounced with activities such as walking, sitting, standing, climbing up and down stairs, bending, lying down and quick transitional movements. He has slept on his back sleep for the last 80 years and cannot do so since the collision. He also can no longer carry out his routine work and household work. His pain is so immense that he no longer maintains his yard, a passion that he has been nurturing for decades now. He limits his appointment times at his clinic and sits more frequently at work because of the pain. He has embarrassing bouts of bladder incontinence that affect him so much emotionally that he doesn’t even like talking to his family or doctors about it. When he had a bout during his deposition, he started crying and the deposition had to be halted. This happens to him often. He hasn’t been able to have the knee surgery he needs because he was the primary care provider to his wife. He cared for her daily. He drove her to and from her cancer treatments and was always by her side. His wife lost her battle to cancer on Sunday, March 20, 2016. She was 77 years old. He could not even be a token pallbearer for his wife because since the collision he cannot walk without a cane.”

With due diligence, one of our writers put these facts strung in heart-tugging phrases that are emotionally touching and convincing enough for the opposing party to duly consider for the most appropriate compensation. The attorney and the client were immensely elated and thankful to have collaborated with us as they were able to receive a favorable settlement!

With an experience of over two decades of having handled a multitude of complicated medical conditions, we have successfully mastered in creating rich content based on real facts in the Lifestyle Impact section of the demand letters. The trust we have earned from various attorneys across the States keeps us motivated to explore more potential to flesh out human emotions written for gainful compensation.

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