What is a Narrative Summary?

A Narrative Summary is a comprehensive and systematic document that presents a detailed account of a claimant’s medical history, diagnoses, treatments, and key events. This crucial information is organized chronologically, enabling legal professionals to dive into the claimant’s overall health and assess the impact of injuries or medical conditions on their well-being. Our Narrative Summaries simplify complex medical records into a streamlined, easy-to-understand format for better comprehension and analysis.


Medical Chronology Vs. Narrative Summary: Spotting the Difference

A Narrative Summary goes beyond the scope of a basic medical chronology in terms of detail and focus. While a medical chronology simply lists a timeline of medical events such as diagnosis dates, treatments, and surgeries, a Trivent Legal Narrative Summary expands on this timeline. It encompasses in-depth details, analysis, and explanations of medical events, offering a broader understanding of the claimant’s medical journey, condition progression, and the impact of injuries or medical conditions.


How Can Attorneys Use Narrative Summaries?

  • Depositions and demand letters: Narrative Summaries provide a coherent breakdown of a claimant’s medical history, proving invaluable when drafting these crucial legal documents.
  • Making connections: Narrative Summaries can illustrate the link between medical events and injuries, assisting in establishing causality in legal arguments.
  • Calculating damages: Detailed insight into medical events, conditions, and treatments prove vital when calculating potential damages in a legal case.
  • Gaining insights: Narrative Summaries offer an in-depth look at a claimant’s medical history, spotlighting essential details that can bolster a case.


Why should attorneys Choose Narrative Summaries?

  • Time-efficiency: Narrative Summaries deliver a clear, succinct overview of a claimant’s medical history and significant events, saving attorneys time when navigating through complex medical records.
  • Highlighting critical aspects: Our summaries spotlight vital details like injuries and pre-existing conditions, key to building a robust case.
  • Impact understanding: By depicting how injuries or medical conditions connect to the incident in question, our Narrative Summaries enable a deeper understanding of the case.
  • Enhanced advocacy: A comprehensive understanding of a claimant’s health history equips lawyers to advocate for their clients more effectively.


Why are Trivent Legal’s Narrative Summaries Unmatched?

Narrative Summary

  • Customization: Our Narrative Summaries are renowned for their customization options. You can adjust the summaries to suit your style, format, and unique needs.
  • Attention to details: Trivent Legal meticulously addresses pain, suffering details, and the customization of records both prior and post the incident.
  • Expert team: Our dedicated team of medical review professionals meticulously study and interpret medical records, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our Narrative Summaries.
  • Clarity and organization: We commit to delivering Narrative Summaries that are clear, structured, and easy to understand, simplifying even the most complex medical data.
  • Quality: The superior quality of our Narrative Summaries stands out. This comes from our commitment to detail, expert review, and customizable solutions, establishing us as a leading resource for comprehensive and effective medical case analysis.



Trivent’s Tailored Narrative Summaries: Customization at Its Core:

Customization is at the heart of our Narrative Summary product. We offer a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor your summaries to fit your specific style, format, and content needs. Examples of our custom features include:

  • Specialty-wise summarization of inpatient progress notes
  • Presentation of significant details of pain and suffering in therapy record summarization,
  • Customization of records relating to events prior and post the incident,
  • Adaptation to different writing styles used by attorneys.

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