The hernia mesh lawsuits involve multiple hernia mesh products made by four medical device companies who are now defendants in the litigation: Ethicon, C.R. Bard (now part of Beckton Dickinson), Covidien, and Atrium Medical Corp.

Trivent Legal with its expertise of handling Hernia Mesh cases was able to create the case focus areas and they are mentioned in detail below


  • Was the mesh placed?
  • Indication for mesh placement? Was it required? Any alternatives offered to patient?
  • Was he/she a right candidate for mesh placement?
  • Was mesh placement the patient’s choice?
  • Did the patient have any contraindication for the mesh placement?
  • Was there other associated risk factors/medical conditions for failure of the mesh?
  • Any prior mesh related surgeries, medical issues from history? Surgical history – Especially anything related to abdomen


Implant specific details:

  • Type of hernia repair (ventral/incisional/umbilical)
  • How the hernia mesh was secured (interrupted sutures, tacks, stables)
  • Type of procedure (open/laparoscopic)

Diagnosis & Management of Post-Operative Complications:

  • Whether the above mentioned symptoms were identified as a complication of mesh placement?
  • Any documentation that the doctor knew the mesh was recalled
  • Was it managed medically or surgically?
  • Did the patient undergo revision surgery for the failed mesh?
  • If surgically, whether the mesh was removed?
  • If mesh was removed or explanted, then the
  • Operative findings for the explant procedure
  • Appearance of the mesh upon removal (Folded over, wrinkled, balled-up, etc.)
  • Whether the patch had migrated, separated from the abdominal wall, broken, come apart, etc.
  • Pathology report of the explanted mesh
  • Pictures taken, explant retained for legal purposes, explant retained per patient, etc.

Condition of Patient Post Mesh-Explant:

  • Medical status of the patient?
  • Was the mesh replaced?
  • Has the primary diagnosis for which the mesh was indicated resolved?
  • What were the post operative complications encountered due to the revision surgery?

Why Trivent Legal for your Hernia Mesh Case

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  • Proven track record: 3,000+ cases, 1M+ pages reviewed in a decade
  • Specialized knowledge for different Hernia Mesh manufacturers, including BARD
  • Experience with 8 distinct manufacturers, understanding case nuances
  • Exceptional scalability: 200+ medical experts for high-volume cases
  • Customized, cost-effective pricing plans for bulk volume case loads


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